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When it comes to branding and marketing, we all agree that the content is the most important part of the equation, but does it really matter if it isn’t getting in front of the right audience?  We work closely with you to execute a strategy that will yield the best results for your budget.  We understand that getting your content out is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Every campaign is both customized and optimized for your potential buyers. The data is then analyzed, tweaked and maximized to ensure that we get the results intended.     

Marketing Services


We strategically purchase “airtime” across traditional network, radio and cable platforms, in all national, regional and local markets.

Google Search & Display

We use this effective advertising channel to ascertain which keywords trigger your ads, enabling us to capture prospects that are in the later stages of a buying cycle.

Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel illustrates the path potential customers take through key stages. We will help influence how visitors move through the funnel and covert their search to sales.

Streaming Media: OTT

OTT (over the top) refers to TV providers that distribute via app-base programming on smart tv’s, tablets and mobile devices.  



Here we can place pre-roll ads in front of extremely active and engaged users.

Email Marketing

We will create & setup an email campaign to deliver your messaging directly to your target audience.

Social Marketing

We identify your audience by targeting specific location, age, and interest and place effective ads in front of them. We are constantly evolving with the current market trends.

Influencer Marketing

We work with online influencers to drive your brand’s message to an extended market by getting word out about your product or service across social platforms, podcasts, etc.

Digital Advertising

There are several forms of data-backed digital advertising. We are always on the forefront of each of them as they evolve with consumer behavior.


We will strategically target specific demographic reach based on specific categories: Gender, Household Income, Age Range, Education, Family Size.

Advertise on up to 100 of the most-watched networks including Spanish.


Any screen. Any time. Any where.


Powered by household data, we can expand your reach and frequency with addressable video ads delivered to the streaming media that your customer is already watching on their choice of apps and devices.


Our strategy is to target your main demographic on social media platforms. Using the available data we identify your specific customers’ interest, likes and trends to help us to advertise to stronger leads. Our goal is to increase your reach significantly and focus more on obtaining more website clicks.

Social Marketing


By creating in-feed ads, we can increase viewer engagement and optimization with the content we create. With the use of interest and behavioral targeting we can extend our reach to those activity engaging with the platform therefore getting our ads in front of potential clients.



By advertising on Linkedin, we promote your business updates to targeted audience across several devices using the most viewed professional news feed; reaching your audience when they are most engaged. We target audiences in professional context, marketing to influences, decision makers and executives who are likely to act.



Get on google. Fast.

Search ads can get you in front of highly targeted customers in a matter of minutes.

Local search.

We will target local traffic within close proximity to your business location.

People who click are ready to buy.

With People who see your search ads are those who are searching for your product or service. They are mostly likely doing so because it is something they want to obtain now or in the nearby future. This will help you generate more qualified leads.

Provide measurable results.

We use analtyics and realtime data to learn about those who click on your ad



We will target your digital ads to specific consumers when they’re most likely to be influenced. We are able to target ads based on geographic location and to those who are watching content related to your service based on specific keywords. We are able to show your ads when users watch videos that are categorically relevant to what you offer.

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Your Headline


We find and select the most relevant Influencers, we have access to, for the brand and campaign. We outreach to the influencers, brief, manage and produce the content with them and report the success metrics in the campaign.


We create ads to funnel consumers to  your website bringing AWARENESS to your Brand. 


We peak their INTEREST by offering something of value to exchange for the lead capture (their email and contact info) in form of a coupon/discount code. 


The content we create informs your audience and prepares them for a DECISION to choose your company. 


Once ACTION/purchase is made we begin marketing them again to boost retention. 

Sales Funnel
Email Marketing

Email advertising can be promotional or informational. We will send a “commercial” email message to your target audience with a list that we create utilizing various data that fits the criteria of what we are looking for in a customer. We help ensure your email gets delivered, with focus on getting your email opened – generating engagement so your prospect takes the action you’re asking for. 


We design the structure and content for your landing pages to make the best use of the advertising we use to send potential customers to them.

landing pages.png
Landing Page
Digital Advertising


Like a news ticker but for your phone. This powerful ad platform delivers a customize scroll text ad to mobile phones.

Follows audiences in real time acros thousands of mobile apps and websites.

Ability to target by content, geography, geo-fence location or audience.

Message scrolls twice per delivered ad impression.

Seemlessly itegrated within mobile experience.

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