Chris made his first movie when he was seven, and was an owner/operator of a profitable industrial-video production company by the age of twelve. At the age of eighteen Chris moved from his hometown in Canada to New York City, where he became established as a cinematographer and director for brands such as and Warner Brothers online.


His exceptional eye for detail and fearless pursuit to push content boundaries was noticed by commercial mogul, Bob Giraldi, who then took Chris under his wing as his mentor. Though Chris has built a solid career as an entertainment cinematographer, he often utilizes his visual skill to the direction of commercial assets for high-visibility brands. Chris is currently bi-costal between Brooklyn New York and Hillside Park LA. He is a world traveler and avid sailor.

Clients: History, Spotco

Web Spot "Citizen"


National TV Spot "Bonnie & Clyde"


Web Spot "Fool For Love"


National TV Spot "Safe Passage"