AJ is a 36 year old transman born and raised in Queens.  He has become “an accidental advocate” through his film work and could not be prouder to be fighting for equality for all with his art. AJ’s work has landed him on numerous podcasts, panels, books, and most recently booked as part of the “Lavender Line” exposition at the Queens Museum, which has now been moved to several colleges and museums around the country.


AJ has directed numerous films, most recently the documentary, “Words: An Exploration of Identity” can be found on Amazon. AJ wants to take his advocacy one step further, into the commercial world, to give a voice to those that are often underrepresented. AJ brings a fresh perspective to all his work, and would do the same in any other avenue of production.

Clients: Amazon, Queens Museum, Time Out NY

Feature Film "Words"

Mattioli Productions

Feature Film "The Coffee Shop"

Mattioli Productions

Web Spot "Break the Silence, & the Cycle"

Break the Silence

Web Spot "Samurai Love Saki"

Samurai Love Saki